Conixpres Xml Demo Content

You can install sample content by importing the live preview settings. This allows you to quickly set up your theme at the same way the demo is set up.

To recreate the demo:

  • Go to WP Admin > Tools > Import.
  • Select WordPress from the list
  • If you haven’t installed the WordPress import plugin, a popup window will appears and ask you to install it. Just click Install Now. When the installation progress is completed, click Activate Plugin & Run Importer. If you have installed this plugin, skip to next step.
  • Click Browse and select file from the download package


  • Click Upload file and import
  • When you are asked to import author, you can create new author or import to existing author. You also should check the checkbox Download and import file attachments.

Customizer Export/Import

If you want to import the customizer settings, please install the Customizer Export / Import plugin and import the theme_options.dat file in the xml-demo-content folder

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