How to Create One-Page Website

A one-page website, sometimes called a one-page website, is exactly what it sounds like – a website made entirely of one page. It has no additional pages such as the About page, People page, or other similar pages.There are some websites that consist of only one page (home page). Even when you click on an item in the navigation menu, you will be redirected to another page instead of the same page. The purpose of this type of website is to keep visitors focused on your content.

Step 1  Navigate to Pages from WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 — Click the Add New button.Enter the name of the page and click on the Publish button.


Step 3 — Once your page has opened, select the Edit in Elementor option. 

Step 4 — Click on the Advanced tab on the elementor page that opens.

 Step 5 — Type the CSS ID of the section on the CSS ID field from the Advanced section and then click on the Update button.


Step 6 — Create a menu for your One-Page Website in WordPress by following Appearance → Menus by clicking the Custom Links section.

Step 7 — Add the menu item by typing Link Text and URL.


Step 7 — You can access more information about creating menu by following this article.

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