How To Find A Page ID Or Post ID

Find The ID Within Each Post’s and Page’s URL Without Plugin #

Step 1  Go to Posts from WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 You will see a list of all the posts on your website, and to you can find IDs mousing over each title.

Step 3 — In the above example, the post ID is 724, and that number comes right after the post parameter.

Step 4 — You can see the post ID in the URL that  will show up in your navigation bar.

Step 5 — For pages , you can click the Pages section instead of post section that mentioned in the Step 1.

Find The ID Within Each Post’s and Page’s URL With Plugin #

Step 1  Navigate to Plugins > Add New from WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 — Search for Show IDs in the search box.

Step 3 — Find the Show IDs plugin and click on the Install Now button and Activate it.

Step 4 — After upload and activate the plugin you can go to Posts section and you will see the pages id from the right side.


Step 5 — You can follow same procedures for Pages as well.

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