How to Install Linwall Fashion Theme via FTP

Table of Contents

Step 1 — To install the theme, you will first need to download and install an FTP Client, you can use Filezilla.

Step 2 — Unzip the theme file that you downloaded beforehand.

Step 3 — Open your WordPress site via FTP

Step 4 — From FTP, open the root of the WordPress install

Step 5 — Go to wp-content folder > themes folder.

Step 6 — Upload Mysterious unzipped file.

 Step 7 — After you install Mysterious Theme, Go to WordPress Dashboard and activate it from Appearance > Themes.

How to Import Demo Content #

Step 1 — After activating the theme, the demo import screen will open.

Step 2 — You can install your theme by following the instructions here.

Step 3 — Using a child theme in WordPress gives you the ability to make modifications and keep them separated from the parent so that you can make changes and updates withut breaking the main theme files.

Step 4 — Click the Import button to import all demo content.

Step 5 — After the import process is finished, you can view your theme.

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