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How to Change Menu Navigation Bar #

Step 1  Navigate to Appearance → Menus from WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2  Select the Main Menu from the dropdown menu list so that it is clear which menu you are editing.Then click the select button.

Step 3  You can add new menu item by clicking the checkbox field and after then clicking the Add to Menu button from the left side menu.The newly added item is located at the bottom of the menu each time so you can grab and drag it to the position you want.

Step 4 — After making all these changes, you can save the changes by clicking the Save Menu button.

How to Create Menu Navigation Bar #

Step 1  Navigate to Appearance → Menus from WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2  Click the create a new menu button from the menu page.

Step 3  Give the menu name and choose where the menu you would like to show on your site.

Step 4  Then, click the Create Menu button.

Step 5  After creating the menu, you can add menu item from the left side section which is called Add menu items.

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