Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails or New Image Sizes #

WordPress themes have often defined various custom image sizes for thumbnails and featured images. This means that when you upload an image, WordPress will automatically generate the few thumbnails required for your WordPress theme from the original image.

To regenerate thumbnails you can upload plugin which is called Regenerate Thumbnails.It makes regenerating thumbnails quick and easy to do.

Installing Regenerate Plugin #

Step 1  Navigate to Plugins > Add New from WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 — Search for Regenerate Thumbnails in the search box.

Step 3 — Find the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and click on the “Install Now” button and Activate it.

Using Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin #

Step 1 — Navigate to Media from WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 — Choose an image that you want to regenerate size and click the Regenerate Thumbnails button.

Step 3 — You can complete the process by clicking the Regenerate Thumbnails button in the window that opens.

If you want to regenerate all thumbnails size you can follow:

Navigate to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails.

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